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Blockchain technology has joined the gaming industry and brought with it massive progress. Factors such as non-fungible assets and the scalability have seen great development thanks to blockchain. Nowadays you can enjoy a wide range of crypto-games to any taste. Do you want to try your luck? Join gambling! If your curious mind wants to face challenges – enjoy strategy? Have a desire to feel life? Experience simulator.

Not so far I came across with the Ethereum-based multiplayer strategy, and role-playing game, that was placed among the top 5 finalists at Cryptogame Challenge called CryptoBarons. Ugarsoft’s game attracted significant attention during their participation as exhibitors at the White Nights Game Conference in June in St. Petersburg in June 2018. During the event, Ugarsoft’s team met and agreed with Maxim Babichev, Head of Games at Vkontakte, to feature the game on VK (extremely popular Russian social network).

So what is the game about? The plot reveals the era of Barons. Sir Edmond Halbert and a number of Barons are already making their way to Albigon. The aim of CryptoBarons is to create the conditions for players becoming Barons by growing the economy of their kingdoms thereby making good profits, protecting its citizens, invading other kingdoms or forming alliances with other barons.

Accepting this challenge requires the wisdom, wit, persistence, perseverance and hard work from all players. Once you are rich, next time you can be poor. Your kingdom may be under invasion and you stand to lose resources. So you need all your strength to resist and keep the power .

In addition, every player is entitled to a kingdom. Kingdoms are divided into 2 main categories : default and verified. Default kingdoms are assigned to players for free. Verified baron kingdoms are the homes of existing barons. Players who buy these kingdoms will assume the position of the baron that rules the kingdom. These players are rewarded with 500 crowns (500 crowns makes a player a baron).

In each of these kingdoms, there are a lot of buildings. Buildings are subdivided into 3 categories: Economy, Defense and Army Buildings. Economy buildings are buildings that generate resources for the kingdom allowing you to mine coins!!!  Defense buildings protect the kingdom from invaders or bandits. Army Buildings are buildings for the army that help protect the kingdom.

Moreover the game has market place that is divided into the primary market and secondary market. In order to ensure that the CryptoBarons economy is stable and that players make money trading their assets/resources after working hard, a form of scarcity in the primary market was introduced.  The secondary market is the market where gamers come to sell their assets at any price of their choice. Gamers can decide to become mainly farmers; military trainers, invaders etc. and the resources they have gathered or produced can be sold to others in the secondary market for baron tokens BRN or others.

What is more Barons will be able to attack other players by invading other players’ kingdom. The chance of winning will depend on the strength of the attacker’s army . When a battle is won the attacker will gain more crowns n. The more crowns a player gets will determine his rank on the leaderboard. The winner will be rewarded. Resources can be gained from attacking economy buildings like barn and market. Just imagine 20% of the content of these buildings will be given to YOU if you are the invader. For the future version of the battle, live fight will be introduced, where two players can battle in war front. Players will be able to go into battle with other players at real time and same rule will follow, whoever wins will take the crown, but no form of resources will be gotten from the battle. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

I’d like to add that this cross-platform is deployed both for Android and Web. The full game launches December 2018 as well as BRN token will be listed on Game Asset Exchange — But even now you can participate in token purchasing on the website. Haven’t you already experienced it? So  what are you waiting for?

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