Crypto War Middle Age — New Blockchain Mining Game

Introduction: “In the parallel universe, human history has become chaotic. In medieval Europe, there has been a wave of belief in digital currencies. No one knows how this knowledge is produced. The original theocracy and the countries have collapsed. Instead, the “emerging communities” which believes in digital currency have appeared and these communities are hostile to each other. In the end, in order to compete for valuable living resources, the wars begin…”

Quite inspiring, isn’t it? This game make it possible to escape from boring reality and plunge into the world of digital currency. The beta test has begun in November, 14th and to start playing you need activation code. You can find and buy this code at the GAEX platform — the world’s first game asset exchange for blockchain games. Together with code you will get rewards — any resources, possibilities, coins.

Step 1: Get activation code.You can use different types of cryptocurrency: BGX, ACT, ELA, WICC, IPC, MAN. You can choose currency and you will join the corresponding alignment of your own faith, and the game rewards will be settled to the same currency. As far as the game is in the beginning now you can win the activation code participating airdrops. Visit Telegram official group and find the conditions.

Step 2: Download the game. You can find the link on the official website of Crypto War or download it directly here. Then enter the code that you purchased on GAEX.

Step 3: Bind GAEX account. Click on the button with Ethereum sign and bind your GAEX account. Integration with GAEX is so easy, withdrawing money in one click — just press “Asset transfer”.

Step 4: Reenter your code. If you won the code participating in airdrops, you can reenter the code manually and receive your prop rewards of the package.

Step 5: Start to build your city.

First of all you need to start building life in your own castle. With regard to economy you can build the following constructions: Farmland (produce food), Sawmill (wood), Quarry (stone), Mine (iron). Military constructions: Barracks, Villa, Hospital. Government and education: College, Warehouse, Forge, Bank, Hall of War, Prison, Market, Embassy.

Barracks. The place where you can train your troops. You need resources for new training. For certain kinds of troops you need the different resources. At first your warriors have T1 level. You need to upgrade their skills in the college. Before you can do it you need to unlock and improve a few achievements one by one. Scout Ability at first, then Training Speed and so on.

Villas provide silver for your city and accelerates your troop training speed. Upgrade villas to increase silver production and training speed for your soldiers. Wounded warriors after protecting your city from attacks will be moved to the hospital. Upgrade hospitals to increase capacity of the building and cure more soldiers.

College. Here you can develop your skills in three ways: economics, troops and upgrade your hero’s abilities. That skills provide you more possibilities in the game and increase the speed of production, learning and training.

Warehouse. This place protects a portion of resources whilst getting plundered. You should upgrade warehouse to increase quantity of protected resources and keep them safety.

Bank. Here you can multiply amount of your gold coins. Put some amount of gold coins into the bank and after 24 hours you can take back double amount! But there is one important condition: you need to reach 400 points in daily quests or increase your VIP level to 10.

Forge. Here you can craft equipment for your hero and for warriors, also you are able to create some materials — transform iron to the iron plates, wood into lumber or into the paper. The game is under development, so it is supposed to be farmland with animals, sheep probably. Then users will have opportunity create sheepskin and clue. Also you can create equipment, weapon, helmet, boots, accessory and choose the appearance of your warriors. Appearance of builder, the diligence of appearance, the hunter of bow, the supervisor of the watch are available and many others. To be short you can do your magic here and create things from almost nothing.

Hall of War allows you to set rallies upon your enemies and destroy them with help of your alliance. I will talk about alliance a little bit later in this article.


Prison. If someone attacks you and you win the battle your hero can capture your opponent into the prison. It can give you increasing of attack power. Depending on the level the Prison has different capacity. Level 1 Prison accommodates 1 prisoner and increase troop attack bonus by 1%. You can find more on this screen.

Market. It allows you to trade resources with your alliance members. Users should upgrade it to increase amount of resources they can trade and decrease the amount of trade tax.

Embassy. In this place your city can accept reinforcement from your alliance members to help defend against enemies.

After the city was build it’s time to think about joining the Alliance. You can create your own alliance it will cost some resources and gold coins. If you don’t want to create just join one of them.

What advantages does joining the alliance give you?

If you decide to attack someone you can create a rally and ask members of your alliance for help. Together you will have more chances to win. Click “Alliance war” and you will see rallies created by your allies. If you are not in the alliance the Rally isn’t available for you. Before the attack you can scout your enemy to know more about him or her. At first you don’t have ability for that, you need to unlock it in College. Troops -> Scout Ability.

When you upgrade the buildings to the high level it takes many time. You can click green button “Help” near timeline and the member of the alliance will see your request in “Alliance help” menu. You also should help all members of your alliance. Friendship can help all of you to manage with building faster.

Participate in alliance event and get prizes for executing tasks. Depending on earned points you will receive different rewards: silver or gold, random resources or speed-up for building, learning and training.

Power of your city.

Power of the city consist of various components — troops, buildings, alliance help, technologies and others. Power of your hero is also important part. To increase your hero level you have to earn EXP points. You should kill raiders, improve buildings and execute quests to get this points. When your hero reaches the next level you will get 4 points to upgrade your hero skills. Improve it, make your hero and the city stronger and more powerful.


You have a chance to mine tokens once a day. During beta test users can mine only BGX tokens, but after mainnet release they will be able to mine tokens depending on chosen alliance: ELA, MAN, ACT, IPC and of course BGX.

The longer “last mine” was and the more Capacity has accumulated — the more tokens you can mine. You should be smart and patient to catch appropriate moment for mining.

Beta test will end within 1–2 month, I hope you will like it and will wait for updates and mainnet release.

Contacts: — Official telegram group of Crypto War— GAEX exchange telegram group

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