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Crypto Sword & Magic – How to join their Pre-Sale on your mobile device.

To participate in pre-sale on your smartphone, you must have a mobile wallet for your smartphone. TokenPocket, imToken, MEET.ONE, NOVA wallet, etc., and can participate in pre-sale. (Other wallets can be used similarly.)

Create an EOS Account

You must have an EOS Account in order to participate in Pre-Sale and have an EOS for purchase in the Account. You can create Accounts for PC Scatter, Atomic Wallet, Mobile App TokenPocket, imToken, MEET.ONE, NOVA Wallet and so on. For more information, please refer to the official website of each service.

Accessing the Pre-Sale page on your mobile web browser

You can select your wallet by accessing https://m.cryptoswordandmagic.comand clicking on the ‘Wallet’ button at the top. You can choose TokenPocket, imToken Wallet, and go to the selected Wallet app for use. For other wallets, you can use them in the same way as the “Accessing the Pre-Sale page in the Mobile Wallet app”, described below.

Access Pre-Sale page in Mobile Wallet app

Launch the Mobile Wallet app, sign in as Account, and enter where you can search for DApp, and it will automatically work with your wallet.

For example, if TokenPocket and imToken are selected, select Discover from the main menu at the bottom, and search in in the search box at the top to go to the official website of ‘Crypto Sword & Magic’ At the top of the page, you can see the account name you own.

Discover menu at the bottom of TokenPocket and search at the top – Browser menu at the bottom of imToken and search at the top – Account Name

Participating in Pre-Sale

You can view the pre-sale screen by pressing the PRE-SALE button on the main page or scrolling down from the page you are connected to. After selecting the type of product and the quantity you want to purchase, click the Purchase button, and if you approve the transaction, the purchase is complete!

Purchased items can be found in the Inventory directly under Pre-sale. If your wallet is not interlocked, you will not see the Inventory. Even if you do not see it, do not panic!


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