Crypto Phoenixes: Civil War

Crypto Phoenixes is a team-based strategic trading game.There are 2 teams: Team Magma and Team Aqua. Each team has a separate pool. Each phoenix now grows stronger with every purchase (increase in power and lowers cooldown). There are 2 types of phoenixes: stealers and bombers. Bombers claim funds from their own pool while stealer claim from the other team’s pool. Doing either of these will award their team points, and a portion of the claimed funds will be distributed to other team members (phoenix owners), but will cause a sharp price decrease. Whichever team attains the most points in 24 hours will be awarded 50% of the remaining funds in the pools. The losing team gets 25%.

Each team also has a team captain. The captain takes a 1% cut from all of its team’s sales, and gets the biggest cut from team fund payouts. The captain also has an ability to boost the current explosive / stealing powers of its team by 1.5x.Finally, there is the rainbow phoenix that does not belong to either team. It takes a 2% cut from all transactions (sales, steals, explosions) and is awarded 10% of the remaining funds.

The remainder of the funds get split evenly for the next round.

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