Japan’s “Crypt-Oink” Has Arrived!

Japan’s very first Game dApp utilizing Ethereum to obtain extremely cute, touchable, mysterious piggies!

Good Luck 3, Inc. (Located in Fukuoka, Japan. CEO: Kazuhisa Inoue) is preparing the release of Japan’s first smartphone game that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, “Crypt-Oink”.Welcoming the future utilization of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, this spring we will be releasing Crypt-Oink which implements the use of the blockchain ledger via Ethereum.

What is 「Crypt-Oink」?

Crypt-Oinks are mysterious creatures that reside within Smartphones.There’s no distinction between male and female, but there exists tons of differentiation in color and pattern. Roughly 3.6 quadrillion types of Crypt-Oinks appear within the game!  Thus within the infinite number of Crypt-Oinks, you’re surely able to find and obtain the “pig” of your liking and become its owner.With the “Pairing” function, Crypt-Oinks in your possession can be mixed and matched together. Pairing your fellow Crypt-Oinks may create a new breed! Pairing with friends is also possible!There’s tons of fun to be had in seeing what varieties can be created through the Pairing function.By unexpected arrangements and at unforeseen times, you may even come across unknown and rare Crypt-Oinks.The largest feature of Crypt-Oink is the “Marketplace”. In the Marketplace, Users from around the world will rush and line up to view the many Crypt-Oinks on display.Utilizing the digital cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Users are able to trade for Crypt-Oinks.

What is Ethereum?Ethereum is a type of digital cryptocurrency that automatically stores and secures information regarding business transactions by use of what is called a “Smart Contract“.

「Crypt-Oink」Game Introduction Video

『Crypt-Oink』Service Overview

・Title: Crypt-Oink・Genre:Mysterious Animal Simulation・Platforms: iOS/Android・Release Date: Spring Release

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