Crazy Defense Heroes – Taking over a new realm

Today we are introducing a new way to experience Crazy Defense Heroes, in the form of an exclusive, limited period Chest & Gems Sale. What makes this different, is that for the first time ever, Crazy Defense Heroes will become collectibles!

What Is This About?

In current free-to-play games, when you enter a game on your mobile device or PC and review the items that you have collected, they illustrate a record of your investment – whether in time or in-game currency. Achieved through periods spent chasing after your enemies and completing missions, at other times, as in-game purchases with real money.

As new technologies are being introduced and developed, a new layer of achievement is emerging, the concept of true ownership.

The technology we are talking about more specifically is called blockchain. You may have heard about this before, in discussions relating to Bitcoin or CryptoKitties, and our very own F1 Delta Time.

The beauty of this technology is that it allows us to create one of a kind items, where ownership, authenticity, and value can be tracked. And the best part of it, while these items can be used in any game that is developed to accept them, they are not locked to the games themself. Anyone who owns one of these items will truly and verifiably own it. It is theirs to collect, trade or sell. This changes the long term value of each item completely. These items are called non fungible tokens or NFTs for short.

More about NFTs and Value

Animoca Brands is a leader in blockchain based games, and we would like to invite you on this exciting journey.

One of our recent games – F1 Delta Time, allows players to buy official F1 themed collectibles, such as cars and drivers, to be used in the game. These collectibles can be used right now in the Time Trial mini game, also, owners can sell or trade these collectibles. These collectibles can also be used to generate currency via the Staking feature. You can read more about that here.

Another good thing to know, is that when something unique can be collected and traded freely, the value of that item likely tends to go up.

Think about rare baseball cards or stamp collections as an example. Also in the world of NFTs, several single NFTs have been sold for over hundreds to thousands of dollars each. Many players in F1 Delta Time have also made considerable earnings from selling NFTs they bought only a few days or weeks earlier. Good example would be a digital collectible card of F1 driver Nico Hülkenberg, that was found in a crate sale from a crate purchased for $500US, then resold for US$1200 a few days later.

What does all this have to do with Crazy Defense Heroes

The more we explore this concept, the more impressed we are with the opportunities it provides. And because of this, we want to expand these benefits to our other games, such as Crazy Defense Heroes.

To start, the Chest Sale will be the first to introduce Crazy Defense Heroes NFT collectibles. You will be able to collect, trade and sell these items freely. They will be incredibly limited in supply, so be sure to act fast.

To make this even more exciting, the Chest sale is tied in with an incredible Gem offer, so everyone will definitely get more bang for their buck than usual as long as you’re one of the first 100, due to the very limited supply.

To keep things simple, this is how our first ever Collectible NFT Chest & Gems Sale will work:

  • There will be 100 chests available with 3 rarity levels.
  • Each chest has one digital card collectible and gems inside.
  • The star rating of the card, amount of gems and the chest price depends on the rarity level.
  • Buyers will receive up to 150% more gems than when purchasing Gems in game at the equivalent price. It’s a great deal!
  • These collectible cards are purely digital collectibles for now, but the gems can be used in the game immediately.
  • VIP points will also be given with each purchase.

Next step

All you need to do is keep an eye on our channels for the website release, this is due only in a few days on Wednesday 29th April!

Once the website is live, you can navigate there to create a wallet and then you have about a week to get some suitable currency. The currency for this sale will require ETH or DAI, which is widely available on most crypto currency exchanges. Once you are ready, the sale will start on 8th May for a week, or until stocks last.

We hope that you are as excited about this as we are, and we would like to wish you good luck in the sale.

This is a very limited launch. While more will follow, due to the unique nature of NFT collectibles, this is your only chance to get one of these exact items.

We know it may be a lot to take in, but don’t you worry, our team will be here to help you and you can reach out to us via social media any time.

For all the heroes out there, get ready!






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