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Conquer the world with Crypto Avatars

Concept: Guerrilla Crypto is a video game where you create an empire on top of Google maps using Blockchain Avatars.

The rules are simple: you choose your initial avatar and start in the open world; you can claim any empty block on the map, or fight to conquer someone else’s block.

Your avatar gain experience by claiming Blocks, and level up after accumulating enough experience causing their stats to improve.

Every time your avatar level up, you can save them on the ethereum blockchain to keep that bonus forever.

From time to time there will be special missions with rewards: be the first to achieve the mission and gain the reward!

You can also create or join a Clan and fight together with your allies.

Avatar: Crypto avatars are unique and handmade collectibles based on non-fungible ERC721 Tokens. Being part of the Ethereum Blockchain allows people to have full ownership and to trustfully trade them on the marketplace.

As a blockchain digital product, your avatar is also indestructible, meaning that once created, it will be impossible to delete and it will last forever. Avatars can be simple with a fantasy design or famous and recognizable.

We can also create avatars on request if you want to have yourself on the blockchain to steal the show in game, immortalize your favourite pet, surprise your son or daughter…

Be the first to collect famous avatars in the marketplace, it could be a good move 😉

The Game: An empty world full of possibility and millions of blocks is waiting for you… for you and people from all over the world.

  • Free to play: just have to get the avatar and than you’re off for world conquest! (start small… but dream big!)
  • Worldwide: Everyone is on the same World. Julius Caesar conquered some of your Blocks? He might be from Italy, he might be from Korea…(either way, don’t let him get away with it!)
  • Real time: Avatars are both attackers and defenders, when any of your blocks gets attacked they immediately are ready to (hopefully) repel the invader.
  • User driven: Our aim is to make a community feedback taking, evolving game(s); leader boards, clans, missions, rewards, pixel art, Mars,… we’ve got plenty of features planned, but we want your feedback and to hear your ideas as well! Sign up for the Beta, leave a comment here or connect with us on the social platforms… we’d love to hear from you!

Roadmap: We are looking for 100 people to play our beta game version. Subscribe to our newsletter on the website to receive an invitation.The Beta will be released the 2nd week of June 2018 to the first 100 subscribers only. We will test the game for 4 weeks before releasing the open beta.

The full game will be ready for Q3 2018 and the mobile versions will be available in Q4 2018.

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