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Blockchain games are evolving fast with new products releasing every week. What is most important, industry is still very, very far from mainstream adoption. With millions of people playing casual games on mobile devices all dApps combined has less than 10,000 daily users. That defines a major challenge for game developers and early adopters.

One of the most popular games on Ethereum blockchain called “MegaCryptoPolis” generated more than $2 Million in turnover and congested 30% of network mining powers on launch (#1 gas burner as reported by EtherGasStation) has announced the new project to be built on top of its economy model.

To The Moon

MoonCryptoPolis will allow players to acquire a part of the moon surface and use it for excavation of valuable resources to receive rewards in Ether.

The Moon surface is divided into sectors. Each sector has its own resources stock (valued in Ether) that can be collected and received directly to player’s Ethereum digital wallet.

Decentralized Experience

All the MoonCryptoPolis game logic runs on Ethereum blockchain smart contracts. Major game assets (like sectors and moon bases) are ERC – 721 tokens owned 100% by players and stored in their digital wallets, they can be traded or transferred like any cryptocoin.

Game starts with acquiring a sector – large parts of the moon surface with a variety of land plots in its unique gaming map. Sectors are initially sold on an auction by virtual corporations, those define initial auction bid, land plot prices and resources excavation speed. Sector owner will receive Ether from every player’s purchase or action in his sector.

When the sector is sold, half of its price goes directly to resources fund that grows with every land plot sold and every building constructed. For example, if sector was sold for 20 ETH, it already has at least 10 ETH in resources valuation. After some land plots are sold it can be already 15–25 ETH. These resources can be excavated by players owning land plots in the sector.

Hardcoded Price Growth

After the sector is opened, players are able to claim a land plot that is required to construct a moon base. Every time someone purchases a land plot it rise the price for 24 land plots around it.

In case someone purchases a land plot near your one you receive part of Ether spent by player. That means buying the first land plot inside the 5×5 area may double or even triple its price after a number of land plots sold around.

Your Own Moon Base

Building a moon base allows for collecting resources those are converted directly to Ether on player’s wallet. In order to build a full-featured moon base player shall have at least 5 adjacent land plots.

The moon base always started with the Command Center — it has to be constructed first, as this allows for construction of all other buildings. Resources excavation buildings (Sub Surface Mine and Tunnel Mine) can be constructed only in close proximity to resource spots that grants a moon base direct access to resource spots. In the case players having several modules (or land plots) that are located in different areas, you can connect them with special subterranean roads.

Every moon base is an ERC-721 token that can be traded freely between players. Land plots can be traded between players on the internal marketplace.

Play Everywhere

No game client download required for playing MoonCryptoPolis, everything runs right in the browser the moment you open the game. An Ethereum digital wallet is required to play – that can be a MetaMask browser extension or a Trust Wallet application for your mobile phone (iOS or Android) MoonCryptoPolis runs perfectly on any platform.

Just Getting Started

Project is in development stage at the moment with 90% of functionality ready and launched 28 Dec 2018 to allow early sectors and land plots reservation. Resources excavation will be started first half of 2019, certain date to be announced soon. Join early!

Official website:

Learn more about the project in MoonCryptoPolis White Book:

Stay Tuned

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