ChainMonsters: Special AETHERIAN Auction Launches!

Read more about our new “hot potato”-style auction running for our most famous and special ChainMonster, AETHERIAN!

“Hot potato” auction

The “hot potato” style auction is referring to the fact that the owner is always changing if someone overbids the current price for that monster. Each time the owner changes the price gets up by x1.5 meaning if the current price is 1 ETH and someone else wants to buy it then the person would have to pay 1.5 ETH. The previous owner then gets his full investment back + 50% of the sale — meaning in our example the owner gets 50% of that 0.5ETH !

The other half is sent to the dev team in order to further fund development. This auction technically never ends so if you really want to “own” this monster then the price could be quite high!

The auction is available through:


When we first released ChainMonsters to the public we generated a special, one of a kind ChainMonster called AETHERIAN through our Gen-0 auction.

                                      Aetherian, the original “genesis” monster

Since it is the very first ChainMonster in existence, this monster is deeply involved into our story and players will encounter it several times throughout their journey.

It happens to have arrived in our starting area, Woodstock Town, where it can be encountered along side his current owner.


There is also a second person around who you should visit in case you are the current owner of this creature…

More interactions and ownership based mechanics to come!

This is just the beginning of many interactions to come (not limited to Aetherian) where ownership of monsters, items and objects is deeply connected and involved into the game world and we will introduce much more of that in the foreseeable future.

If you are interested in more information about AETHERIAN please take a look at our previous blog post:

Which also explains a little about the breeding side we will introduce soon where he does have a nice bonus!

Stay tuned for more news and our upcoming next area featuring gym fights, more challenges and an completely new and never before seen area to be explored by you!

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