ChainMonsters: Preview Alpha 0.3 Update

Quick preview of the exciting new elements coming to ChainMonsters!

Game Update 0.3

Battle System 2.0 (Fully-animated battles!)

Our battle system has been completely revamped and now features unique abilities for each monster! Each ability varies in strength and comes with an amazing animation.

                               ‘Flamethrower’ is a powerful fire-type ability!

Battlegrounds look different depending on where you encounter the monster.

                                                 Cave battleground concept


The world of ChainMonsters has drastically changed over the last few months. With new artists on the team we have decided to go a different route than before and further differentiate us from our initial inspiration.

                                                  (not final level design)
Small details have been added to make the world more interesting
                                      Buildings are full of details to discover

Completely new areas like caves are waiting to be explored!


Interface rework

Not only the world but also the user interface has been revamped to fit into the new art style.


Get more information about previously encountered monsters while exploring the world.

                                              in-game Monsterdex preview

New backpack


Native Netherstorm integration

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As one of the first dApps ever, ChainMonsters is currently being natively integrated into Netherstorm. This has the following advantages for players:

True Cross-Platform

Play anywhere, anytime you want. All progress and data is being synchronized to provide the same experience on all platforms.


Receive a special reward for linking your account to Netherstorm! (More on this soon!)

Multiplayer features

  • Arena
  • Leaderboards (in development)
  • Championship mode with price pools (on- and off-chain in development)

Windows/Mac version

Windows and Mac versions will be available for download through Netherstorm in a very convenient way.

Game Updates

Smaller updates will be automatically downloaded in-game without having to go through the iOS AppStore or Google Play!

Release date?

Due to our participation in ConsenSys’ Tachyon accelerator program (read here: we unfortunately have to push back the release date of this update a little further— the CM team is hard at work but reworking the whole game takes time but we are close(!)… Keep an eye on our Discord server and register for the newsletter on Netherstorm to be the first to know about the upcoming release!

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