Chainmonsters: Beta Launch and Cross-Chain!

The Beta has finally arrived! But even more…Soon you’ll be able to play on your favorite blockchain and switch whenever you want!

Beta Launch

Here is our launch trailer to get you in the right mood:

Realtime MMORPG multiplayer

Explore the beautifully handcrafted world of Chainmonsters either alone or with your friends! Challenge strangers on your journey and make new friends —without waiting for blockchain transactions!

Daily Rewards

Every day a new surprise awaits you in your inventory! Gold, XP-Boosts and monster buffs are just a few of the potential daily rewards! Login to the game at least once every day to claim them!

Leaderboards and competitive play

Participate in ranked games and climb the global leaderboards! Can you become the world champion?

Unlimited F2P mechanics

The game is completely free to play. No limits, no restricted access. All you need to do is to create your free account on our website (

In theory you could grind all day long!

(If you do make sure to use a XP-Boost for maximum efficiency!)

Weekly tournaments

Every weekend there is a huge tournament that awards you additional prizes!

Regular content updates

More and more areas are being released during our development, until our first official region is complete and all 151 unique monsters have found their home.

Now that we have finished our ground work and core gameplay, it is easy to create new content and keep the game entertaining for a long time!

Competitive endgame

After finishing the story with all of the quests and content, the real game has just begun! Get together in factions, claim areas and stand your ground against your enemies.

(Factions to be released in Q2 of 2019)

Train your monsters, increase their strengths and sell them for a profit on our marketplace!

(Limited to Gen-0 at the moment)

Multi-Chain Support

We believe in true digital ownership.

In January 2018 we started with Ethereum, but very soon you will also be able to play on other blockchains(!)

First on our list is TRON — due to the similarities to the ETH blockchain we will be able to officially launch there in under 2 weeks from this post!

Every player — no matter which blockchain or platform they choose — is connected to the same universe.


There can only be one #0 in the world…

How does it work?

By enabling support for multiple blockchains, we in fact create an exact copy of your monsters on e.g. Tron.

If you posses any Gen-0 on ETH, then you can claim the ownership of this unique monster on other chains as well!

There can always only be one Gen-0 active in the world — so you need to lock your monster on the original chain first, and then your monster will be assigned on the other. So duplicating does not work 😉


Blockchains and their economies are very volatile at the moment. To make sure that our game(s) work even in a far future where potentially current blockchain solutions have failed, we are allowing players to swap between them if they feel like they can re-sell their monster for a better margin somewhere else and the game can continue to run independent from the original chain.

You can always switch back of course!

Make sure to join their Discord server to get in touch with their flourishing community and follow their Twitter for the latest updates!

They are also currently looking for funding and partners! If you want to see your blockchain/ledger being supported by them or if you are interested in their upcoming seed round, please get in touch with Max (

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