ChainMonsters — Public Multiplayer Test

Help ChainMonsters test the multiplayer mode and receive a gift in return!

The public test

In order to make sure that our upcoming multiplayer game mode works as intended and to tackle all remaining bugs and issues we need YOUR help!
Our servers will be available for a 4 hour long public test where anyone interested can try out the multiplayer and give us feedback — Anyone who completes at least one match during that time will receive a special gift as a token of our appreciation.
Exact date and time will be announced in a few days!

How can I participate?

Please fill in this Google form and specify which version of the game you’d like to test (iOS, Android, PC, Mac)

We do not collect any data! The game servers are reading all data from blockchain so all you need to do is enter your Ethereum address to be unlocked for this test! (It does require you to have an active ChainMonsters account registered on our website though— )

How many monsters do I need?

Just your starter! — For us it’s most important to see our server performance and you should have the most fun! For that reason we are temporarily unlocking a few extra monsters for anyone to use and play around with during that test.

So if you haven’t gotten any other monsters except for your starter monster yet, you will be able to build your team with 3 additional ones from our free roster!

What will happen to my progress?

Your monsters receive experience points for defeating opponents and grow stronger. Since this test is limited to a total of only 4 hours, you will be able to CARRY OVER YOUR PROGRESS to the full game once the update has been released! So the more you play during that period the stronger your monsters will get and the more data we have to examine and analyse afterwards — It’s a Win-Win 😉

What is my reward for helping you test the game?

As a token of our appreciation you will receive 200 Gold and 5 Raid passes.

You can use Gold to buy in-game items and monsters. Raid passes is a new mechanic that allows you to defeat special gym battles and become the new champion. More on these two mechanics later…

When and where?

We are currently scheduling an exact date and time but the test will probably be on a Saturday or Sunday to allow most players to get involved. Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Discord server to receive the latest updates on this matter!

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