Chainbreakers Players Turn Playtime Into Money

The Germany-based virtual reality studio, Qwellcode, has teamed up with Decentraland to create Chainbreakers, a blockchain gaming experience powered by smart contracts that rewards players with cryptocurrency through gameplay.

True asset ownership and high liquidity

Chainbreakers game assets are contained in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This underlying blockchain technology allows players to buy, sell, and trade items on various marketplaces independent of the Chainbreakers ecosystem. This is in contrast to conventional games that rely on centralized servers  which usually restrict players from selling their assets outside of the games marketplaces. We want to give you complete control over your own ingame assets. You own them, not us.

The development team decided against holding an ICO and has instead decided to use Decentraland’s MANA, which is a highly liquid cryptocurrency. Players and investors can use MANA tokens to buy and sell items Chainbreakers.


Leveraging smart contracts for game design

In contrast to many other blockchain games that keep their game logic off-chain, the underlying logic of Chainbreakers is executed from smart contracts that scale via the plasma technology provided by MATIC network. This results in brand new game mechanics which link game design and economics in exciting new ways.

“Each questing area possesses a dividend pool that is gradually filled with MANA. These dividends are funded by purchases made in that questing area as players buy units, upgrades, and items for their armies. The amount of MANA in each pool varies, depending on the number of players in that particular area, and how successful they are on the battlefield.

Players hire units and level them up by sending them to quests. Items enhance the units chance of success by a significant percentage. In this PVE mode (player versus environment) the players units gather experience points which serve as the foundation of the pooled MANA rewards.”

The recently announced PVP mode (player vs player) allows players to challenge each other in a turn-based strategy game. Matches requires the opponent to pay a fee, which is added into the pool that rewards winning players.  There’s also an option to stake MANA, further raising the stakes.


Embedding Chainbreakers into the Decentraland Metaverse

A compiled Decentraland scene is already accessible at, viewable with any modern web browser and will be extended with new content over time. The scene visualizes some prestige community rewards and unveils the low-poly look of the game within the web engine.

The Chainbreakers team is already talking to more than 30 Decentraland LAND investors owning hundreds of LAND parcels. Integrations are discussed on the official Discord server, but Chainbreakers has already brought on several LAND investors who will be able to allocate their parcels to host quest areas. Conversely, the game offers smart contract-based revenue cuts. This will help to expand the game across Decentraland and motivate players to explore further reaches of the map.

The crowdsale is already happening!

The Chainbreakers crowdsale started in early November. The official marketplace provides players and investors with tools allowing them to strategically purchase various assets for different unit roles and levels. The crowdsale  is being conducted in the most transparent, fair, and secure way, dismissing the gambling factor of “loot crates” often seen in similar funding events.

Don’t miss out the gen0 items that are only available in the crowdsale! The items feature perfect attribute distribution and can be purchased at

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