“Celebrating the Introduction of Units “-

The very first version of Chainbreakers’ upgradable unit contract will be deployed to the Ethereum main net during the next couple of days. Our team wants to celebrate these news with a very special community event.

Why do I need units?

Chainbreakers is a strategy-rpg in which players can command multiple units at once. Every unit can be trained in three different roles (tank, healer and damage dealer) by attending quests in PVE mode. The same units are also able to fight other players in PVP mode.

Players can always equip each of their units with one weapon and an armor at a time. Units are stored on the blockchain in form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Their optical look varies depending on the tokens DNA data field.

Get your hands on very limited Pristine Units

To celebrate Chainbreakers recent progress, we will hand out 300 pristine units to lucky members of our early community. These ultra scarce units will carry gen0 but more importantly, inherit special DNA data resulting in an appearance that won’t exist at any point in the future.

“In a series of events, a group of 300 slaves managed to break their chains and escape from their evil masters. Real names remain forgotten and their skin is said to be covered in ashes forever — They are recognized all across the realm.”

Two “regular” units on the left and right. For comparison: The“Pristine Unit” in between the two.

Connect your account and join the rumble

The event is linked to the official honor system. Every wallet that has been connected to Discord and acquired at least rank 1 has the chance to win 5 of 300 pristine units. First come, first serve!

The event starts on January 24th, at 12:00PM GMT. After logging into the marketplace, any ranked user is allowed to spin a personal “wheel of fortune”. A successful spin grants a pristine unit. Higher ranks increase chances.

With higher ranks (x-axis) the percentage to win (y-axis) increases

After the wheel has been spinned, a 24 hour cooldown prevents the account from spinning. Once this period is over, the account is allowed to spin again. This procedure can be repeated until an account has won 5 units or all 300 pristine units have been send out.

When will I receive units? Are they tradable?

In case of a successful spin, a pristine CBU (Chainbreakers Unit) token is created and transferred to the users’s wallet. Depending on the Ethereum network, this might take a couple of minutes.

Our team is already working on an OpenSea integration. Unit tokens are expected to be tradable later this week.

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