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CardMaker, an Indie UGC game, launches NEO Nature Town Warm-up Event

CardMaker, an Indie UGC game, launches NEO Nature Town Warm-up Event.

CardMaker won the first prize in the Shanghai International Makers NEO Blockchain Black Horse Competition 2018, Best Game Award & Most Popular Award in the first NEO Blockchain Development Competition 2018, Top 10 Blockchain Game in Golden-Tea Award 2019, Sina Game Award in CGWR 2019, and is the first batch of ecology partners with Cocos-BCX, and is repeatedly reported by DappReview.

In the announcement, CardMaker provides FREE NEO TOKEN to all new users. When users register in User Center by invitation or directly and charge one NEO or more(which can be withdrawn after the event), they will be distributed the bonus from Blessing Prize Pool, and 1000 CAKES can be collected in User Center for each NEO charge.


The game itself is a mixture of classic card strategy and Roguelike gameplay with characteristics such as UGC, token economy and DeFi.

It is html5 which means user can play it on any devices. It has English version and Nature Town is specifically developed for NEO and international users where they can mine or collect NEO token.

Its fresh and cute game style, as well as the depth of the strategy can comparable to Hearth Stone, Slay the Spire, Yueyuanzhiye and other high-quality games.

What’s more, CardMaker opens the door for players to create their own cards, roles, modules, then realize game dream!

For more gameplay, please check on the blog.

Q&A about CardMaker

Staking System

 Nature Town will be an all-free model (Staking) and user can obtain the gift package by Staking System. As the ecological project of NEO, CardMaker will set up a large number of NEO mining pools in the game and give them to NEO community users. 

Initially, user can choose to mortgage a certain amount of Neos to exchange for some mines to get a higher rate of mining behavior. 


CardMaker is backed on NEO and is absolutely safe and believable. At present, it has announced cooperation with NeoNameService in NEO Nature Town. NNC fruit tree and limited role will be announced soon. It plans to start its presale next week.






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Written by CardMaker

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