BURNUP – the thrilling action strategy board game

The game

BURNUP is a thrilling action strategy board game incorporating unique game mechanics running on one of the smoothest interfaces of crypto gaming. Your mission is to flip the tiles on the gameboard and either get out before others do or remain as the last tile standing. Every tile on the board has its own timer and becomes more expensive with each flip. Whenever a tile is flipped, the timer resets. But be careful, if your tile is not flipped before the time of your tile burns up, you will get burned and the tile will become inactive for the rest of the game. The owner of the last tile standing wins the accumulated pot throughout the game and the game comes to an end.

Can you handle the heat?


There are a lot of crypto games out there (we won’t call you out) that are basically bubbles which will burst at some point and have zero gameplay. We believe that these games are unsustainable for the long term. Instead of dumping the next clone, we wanted to create a unique game revolving around gameplay, strategy and player interaction. BURNUP is designed with the aim of stimulating activity within the game and to drive circulation among its players. We designed BURNUP to be fun to play and sustainable .

In a nutshell

  1. Flip tiles.
  2. You win Ether if someone flips your tile after you.
  3. Tiles become more expensive with each flip.
  4. You get dividend when a tile next to yours is flipped.
  5. Tiles become inactive after some time, and can no longer be flipped.
  6. Timers are reset after each flip.
  7. The duration of timers is reduced with each flip.
  8. You receive bonus time on time resets for each tile you own (active & burned).
  9. The last tile to become inactive wins the pot.
  10. Tiles you currently own have a blue border.
  11. The tile that pulses will win the pot if none of the other tiles are flipped.

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