BOAA Tech Demo

BOAA (acronym for Bounty On An Asteroid) is a Comedic Space Opera with an Afrofuturism theme, set 3000 years into the future. The overall game premise follows the exploits of future bounty hunters who take on extremely risky and clandestine missions on behalf of Mega corporations, corporations that don’t want to be seen as dealing in the grey and black markets.

BOAA features an Arcade mode (offline or online) and a Multiplayer* mode (up to 4 players).

The action takes place in battle arenas. These battle arenas are, in fact, organized tournaments that Mega Corporations use to scout the next best bounty hunters. It is also the future of entertainment sports, having upended our modern day (circa 2000) sports events, several centuries prior (circa 3000). Participants in these battle arenas partake in the fray in order to acquire as much Bounty Matter as possible (the preferred means of monetary instrument amongst bounty hunters). In the real world, Bounty Matter is Cryptocurrency* that players can use to acquire unique digitally signed game items (CryptoCollectables*).

BOAA will be using the EOS network to power it’s blockchain elements. Features such as leaderboards, in game items (CryptoCollectables) will be driven by the blockchain. An example usage is the *Leaderboard Challenge (dubbed CryptoBounty); where players can stake their cryptocurrency in a weekly pot. At the end of the week the pot is redistributed to the players based on their ranks (the higher you rank the more of the pot you get). Other usages will include: Matchmaking, public player rankings and match results (for E-Sport), etc.

The game mechanics of BOAA is simple: you can either jump or shoot (not both at the same time). Survival is the order of the day. So what is it going to be… Jump Or Shoot?

*BOAA is currently in its Tech Demo Phase; as such, will be showcasing the different game mechanics, game modes and blockchain integration progressively with each update. To find out which features are currently available, please visit –

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