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Illuminia Studios Inc. has released Update 0.4.0 of BOAA Tech Demo.

This update enhances the graphics and gameplay of the 3 core game modes:  Progression Mode, Arcade Mode (Endless High Score) and Local Multiplayer (Xbox One and PC only).

The Progression mode has been completely redesigned to offer 5 hand crafted levels, new Antagonists (Enemies) with AI, and a BOSS battle.

The Arcade Mode has a new level design and an improved difficulty ramp-up.

The Local Multiplayer benefits from a new level design and different Antagonists.

Update 0.4.0 represents the last major update to the Tech Demo phase for BOAA , as it enters Alpha development for 2019.

With Update 0.4.0, Illuminia Studios Inc. continues its “Open Development” approach to the creation of BOAA; where-by the game is playable live as development continues and updates are delivered on a regular interval (1 to 3 months).

What is BOAA?

BOAA (acronym for: Bounty On An Asteroid) is a cross-platform, top-down, 2D action platformer. A Comedic Space Opera with an Afrofuturism theme set 3500 years into the future, the overall game premise follows the exploits of future bounty hunters who take on extremely risky and clandestine missions on behalf of Mega Corporations, corporations that don’t want to be seen as dealing in the grey and black markets.

With Afrofuturism at the center of it’s theme; BOAA, blends tradition Afro lore, art and culture with futuristic sci-fi.

The game mechanics of BOAA is extremely simple: you can either jump or shoot (but not both at the same time). These very basic mechanics make it very easy for anyone to pick up the game and play, but the gameplay is highly tactical and challenging, thus requiring dedication to master.

BOAA introduces a new sub-genre to the Platformer genre: Tectonic Top-down Hopper.

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Written by Illuminia Studios

Illuminia Studios Inc. is a digital entertainment company specializing in cross-play video games and video game economy (by harnessing the blockchain technology). Our vision is to develop entertainment products that promote non-mainstream themes (such as African Mythology), that are seamlessly accessible from all the major gaming platforms (Mobile, Consoles, PC, Tablets), and blur the line between gaming for fun and gaming for a living.
Follow our journey as we bring to life our first game: BOAA
With the development of BOAA we are taking an unorthodox approach to game development; dubbed “Open Development”. Instead of waiting to show the world a final and polished version, we have decided to showcase the development of the game as we make it. Ever wondered about the mythic process behind the scene that makes your favorite games possible? Come along for the ride as we turn magic into science. The making of a game is as much a game as the playing of the game…

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