Having established itself as the most advanced strategy game in the DAPP ecosystem, BLOCKLORDS is now ready to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. In order to achieve this goal, a scalable solution is required to ensure fast and free transactions for all players. The LOOM Network, a Layer 2 blockchain that uses Ethereum as its base layer, is the perfect choice to usher in this new era of gaming, allowing players to truly own and monetize their in-game assets as they wish. Are you ready to experience BLOCKLORDS 2.0?

The early access tutorial is a small but important step towards completing BLOCKLORDS 2.0

With the growing popularity of NFT assets and trading platforms such as Opensea, the BLOCKLORDS team began experimenting with the concept of tradeable heroes, something that wasn’t possible in the NEO and TRON versions of the game. With the planned launch on Ethereum, the time became ripe to create tradeable NFT heroes that could be exported from player accounts. Using the power of the LOOM’s transfer gateway, players can then securely transfer their digital assets onto the sidechain. This allows BLOCKLORDS to be played in a scalable manner, while keeping the financial and security benefits of Ethereum intact . Moreover, this will allow BLOCKLORDS heroes to be exported onto other chains in the future since the LOOM network works as a bridge, connecting different chains with each other. As an early pioneer of cross-chain game development, this was the perfect fit for BLOCKLORDS.

Get your limited edition NFT hero to play the early access tutorial!


BLOCKLORDS will usethe power of LOOM to reach mass adoption.

Each Hero NFT comes with its own name, title, stats, hero traits, and 5 items varying in quality and stats. Once an NFT is imported into the game via the LOOM gateway, the player will be able to play the game, acquire or sell owned items, fight battles for resources, and much, much more. Once a hero is beefed up to a desirable level, the player can choose to export his hero back onto Ethereum whenever he wishes to sell, gift or hodl that hero. This gives BLOCKLORDS players the best of both worlds; a fast and free game with the option to monetize the asset on Ethereum, the most developed DAPP ecosystem by far. Once the full version of BLOCKLORDS 2.0 is released, there will be countless ways for players to improve heroes and expand their realms, thus adding more and more value to any Hero NFT.

Read more about BLOCKLORDS 2.0 in the white paper!

These limited edition heroes are only on sale for a limited time.
While development progress has been steady, a bit more time is still required before the new and improved version of BLOCKLORDS 2.0 can be fully released. But we still wanted to give our dedicated followers a chance to try out the game. In order to do this, we are now unlocking the new player tutorial to those players who already have an NFT Hero om their wallet. This will allow players to import their heroes via the LOOM gateway, and experience the key features of BLOCKLORDS for themselves.
The early access tutorial is available to all players with NFT heroes in their wallets.

Players who try the early access version and check-in daily will also be rewarded with extra resource packs once the full game is released. Getting involved now will get you a lot of advantages as you build out your kingdom in the future! If you have any feedback about the game, or experience issues while playing or buying your hero, please do not hesitate to contact support at as we take customer service extremely seriously and will do our absolute best to help you resolve any issues you may have. Thank you for playing BLOCKLORDS and we hope to see you on the battlefield!

Get your limited edition NFT hero to play the early access tutorial!

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