BLOCKLORDS Closed BETA Draws Near!

After months of development, the BLOCKLORDS team is finally ready to launch the closed beta version on NEO later this week. Players will be able to create their heroes, try them out in battle, acquire new items, and conquer cities in this early version of the first grand strategy blockchain game.


The closed beta will be taking place on the NEO testnet, meaning that it will be completely free. Since testnet GAS can be a bit hard to acquire, we have disabled standard fees for hero creation, battles, etc. If you would like to purchase items in-game, please send us an email at and we’ll send some to your wallet. That said, since this version of the game will not be on mainnet, player progress will eventually be wiped. The closed beta is mainly to give interested players an idea of what the game will look like, test our server capacities, and refine core gameplay mechanics before the game goes live. We plan to keep this version open for 2 weeks.


In order to play the game, players of the NEO version will have to sign up for a BlaCat wallet. BlaCat is a DApp game platform with an integrated web wallet that will keep track of all your NEO-based assets. When registering, you can choose to import an existing wallet or you can just let BlaCat create a new one for you. Just remember to not lose your private keys! To register your BlaCat wallet, go to . If you experience any issues with creating a wallet, do not hesitate to get in touch via our community or theirs in order to get some assistance.

                                         Click on register to open new account
                                            Enter information here to create your account.


As soon as the closed beta starts, we will send out an email to everyone on our list and in our community groups with the correct game link. Those who play the game can try creating a hero, attacking enemies on the map, and trading items in the market. If you would like to report a bug or give any feedback whatsoever, please head to


Players who participate in the closed beta will not only get a chance to shape the development of BLOCKLORDS and help us make it better, but will also be rewarded with unique content when the game launches on mainnet. We will give more details about this when the game gets closer to launch. As we get closer and closer to the closed beta being launched, be sure to sign up for our email list on our website and join our telegram and discord channels in case you have any questions!





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