BlockCities Series 2

A Game of Collecting Tiny Buildings

After a successful launch of their tiny crypto buildings in April, BlockCities is back with more Ethereum-generated CryptoCollectibles, this time with more base buildings, cool rooftops, and limited edition Specials.

During the Season 1 run, users built and collected over 1400 buildings—1450 to be exact. Why? We’re not exactly sure why. Some are drawn to the project through their love of architecture and cities, some are eager to rekindle the days of building megacities in SimCity or hanging out in Club Penguin.

Either way, BlockCities provides users a way to take from the real world around them and collect it. In the new future, collectors will even be able to build with it. Today, all buildings in the Mystery Machine (the little Machine you pay to get a building) are based on real-world buildings you’d find in San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City.

There’s the pyramid building from SF and the Jenga-tower from New York. When at the Mystery Machine, users will either get an on-the-spot generated building or get lucky and receive a rare “Classic.” Classics are like exact replicas of real-world buildings: same color scheme and form in BlockCities’ iconic style.

So you construct these unique generative buildings and collect Classics, but what do you do with all these tiny buildings? Mostly, you hold them although some users have begun trading them on OpenSea, sending them to friends, and collecting their favorites.

In the future, BlockCities will integrate these buildings directly into the City Playground, a demo of which just launched with the new collection. The City Playground will become the focal point of the BlockCities project, allowing users to drop in their own buildings, compare with friends, and build mini-cities Playground styles. There may even be tie-ins with other crypto projects accessible through the city, but we’ll have to wait for that.

Featured above are the Gradient Collection Buildings, given out at random to early collectors.


Series 2

BlockCities Series 2 adds 8 new Classics to mix, most notably the 303 Peachtree Building (aka Suntrust Plaza) and 1585 Broadway, better known as Morgan Stanley’s New York headquarters in Times Square. The collection also adds the Barclays Building from Times Square and a handful of new base buildings for the generative releases.

This collection even features an insanely tall Helipad roof, a rooftop pool that goes edge-to-edge, and a group of roofs with giant emoji heads. Overall, the collection is more playful, city-oriented, and even pokes fun at the rigidity and blandness of everyday architecture.

If you’re eager to collect and build, you can access the BlockCities Mystery Machine at Share what you build on Twitter with the #blockcities for the team to see and share!

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