Blockchain Gaming Industry Is Still The Wild West


The word on the blockchain gaming street is that most game and industry related platform devs are still not finding it easy on marketing side of things . The very few that have been breaking through to the mainstream have had the support of very large investors and even with that help some have still failed or needed more time to restructure their business plans.

We all must remember that we are the pioneers of this field and such as the general cryptocurrency market, the blockchain gaming industry is still very volatile and up in the air.  It is at a point where game devs who spend a pretty penny on advertising with large publications receive the same amount of traffic with developers who havent paid a dime yet. This is much too new an industry to attract the current gamers easily, they will need time to learn and understand what blockchain tech can do for videogames before rushing in.

We at Blockchangamer continue to try hard and help get the word out for all your stories to the general and unknowing public. For example, a couple weeks ago we had many readers wondering what was going on with our site. Well it was part of unique advertising campaign we created for Userfeeds, a free platform that can fork over NFT data and be used for various other interesting purposes. In our case we were promoting the capability for the Cryptokitty community and their game devs to create a social network strictly for only those NFT’s.

The images below display some of the steps we took to promote their platform. This is also to give you an idea how we are willing to creatively promote with anyone in the blockchain gaming industry. If you have a marketing idea you would like to run by us then please let us know and we can discuss. Please do not forget we have other free options (polls, voting lists, quizzes) available that you can utilize and can support your marketing initiatives.  Thank you very much everyone and cheers to the bright future ahead in blockchain gaming!!


Step 1) We started with a teaser story on social media stating that we had lost our own Cryptokitty “Jian-Yang” and needed help finding him.


Step  2) Next day we created a MISSING poster for our kitty so to bring more curiosity as to what we were leading up to.


Step 3) We pretended to have our cryptokitty take over our site and social media channels and so all the logos and trademarks were designed with our cryptokitty image on them. He was the voice for Blockchaingamer for a few days to promote Userfeeds social networking feature using cryptokitties.

CryptoCuddles – The CryptoKitties Battle Game

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