Blockchain Gaming, Beyond Real – New blockchain game, “Brave Frontier Heroes” officially released!

Double Inc. has released their new blockchain game “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” (BFH) today January 30th 3:00 am (UTC). This game combines the IP and creatives of Alim.Inc mobile RPG game “BRAVE FRONTIER” with the game structure and system of MY CRYPTO HEROES (MCH). Since 2013 Brave Frontier has been downloaded by 38M players all over the world and My Crypto Heroes has been one of the top played Blockchain games in terms of DAU throughout this past year.

In celebration of this launch, there holding a special ZEL (= in-game currency) campaign and the first Units (= characters) will go on sale from January 30th 1:00 pm (UTC). The teams from My Crypto Heroes and Brave Frontier will combine their acumen and knowledge of their respective industries to create a whole new experience with cutting-edge technology!

What is “Brave Frontier Heroes?”
BFH is a crossover of the extremely successful mobile game Brave Frontier and the current no.1 blockchain game My Crypto Heroes*. It combines the proven gameplay of Brave Frontier with the proven game economy of My Crypto Heroes. By way of playing the game, you will own Brave Frontier characters (Units) and weapons (Spheres) as digital assets, secured by blockchain technology. This tech also will allow you to freely buy and sell those assets to others, or even use them in other games. It is free-to-play and is available to download on both PC and smartphones.

*based on the Daily Active Users recorded on the Ethereum blockchain during January 2020

Brave Frontier Heroes can be played through their official Website URL (Supports English, Japanese):

Explanation of a blockchain game: /howtoplay/aboutbcg
Price:free to play *(It requires the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) to purchase Items/Units)
Devices:iPhone(app) / Android(app) / PC(Web browser:Chrome,Opera, etc)
※Download the app or Google BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES to get started.



ZEL UP/ ETH back campaign
ZEL is the in-game currency for Brave Fronier Heroes and which can be used to purchase Units and other game items. ZEL can be purchased with the cryptocurrency ETH.

During this campaign, players will receive an additional 20% ZEL for each purchase made. Including the chance for 1 out of 25 players who buy ZEL will get 50% in ETH returned back.

Period – From January 30th 3:00 am (UTC) until February 6th around 5:00 am (UTC)

There might be further campaigns to celebrate this game release. For more details about all campaigns, please follow this link


1st Unit Sale

The very first Unit sale will start on January 30th 1:00 pm (UTC). 16 types of Units, including Legendary series, will be sold during this sale. Here is an overview of the lineup:

Line up
・Legendary: 4 types, 100 units each. Starting price: 20,000 ZEL
・Epic:6 types, 250 units each. Starting price: 2,000 ZEL
・Rare:6 types, 500 units each. Starting price: 500 ZEL
※10000 ZEL is equal to 1 ETH. However during the ZEL UP campaign 1 ETH will get you 12,000

From January 30th 1:00 pm (UTC) until February 10th 5:00 am(UTC)

Quote from Eiji Takahashi (CEO at Alim Inc.)
“We are very honored to expand Brave Frontier into the world of My Crypto Heroes. This will be a new experience for all of us to pioneer the gaming industry. As the name of our title suggests, we love to challenge the game industry status quo and open up a new frontier. I think blockchain games will be a mainstream thing in the gaming industry in the near future and this therefore I hope for this title to be one of the pioneers.”

Quote from Hironobu Ueno (CEO at Double Inc.)
“We believe that our joint title with the world-famous mobile RPG Brave Frontier series will contribute to the growth of this new game industry. I’d be very eager to see more, especially new blockchain users, get a chance to play blockchain games.


Brave Frontier

“Brave Frontier” is a mobile RPG that was originally released in July 2013 from Alim Inc.. It is an RPG masterpiece with beautifully crafted battle animations and original fantasy character designs. It has been downloaded by more than 38M players world wide!


My Crypto Heroes

“My Crypto Heroes” is a blockchain game that was released in November 2018 from Inc.. MCH is one of the most played and top grossing blockchain games with a novel ecosystem and game experience, allowing players to buy and sell digital items for cryptocurrency on the blockchain.

About Alim Inc.:
Alim Inc. was founded in March 2013 as a subsidiary of Gumi Inc.. With the philosophy of “Game is
Love”, the first title, Brave Frontier was released in July 2013. Afterwards, they developed FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS (publisher: SQUARE ENIX). Both titles have been published globally, featuring amazing pixel animation, well structured worlds, and highly strategic gameplay.

About Double Inc.    
Founded on April 3rd 2018, Double Inc., specializes in the development of blockchain games. Their first game, My Crypto Heroes, is among the top blockchain games of 2018 and 2019 and is playable on mobile and desktop. Besides game development, they also support other game developers as a publisher to share their expertise in crypto currency and blockchain technology.

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※The contents described are as of the announcement date. It is subject to change without notice.

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