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BGA & Matic Network Gamescom Mixer

The BGA & Matic Network are pleased to welcome you at our video game & blockchain mixer near Gamescom, Germany, on August 22nd. A panel featuring Matic Network, The Sandbox, EverdreamSoft, and the Abyss will be hosted at 7:00 PM, followed by drinks and appetizers.

If you would like to learn more about blockchain in video games and network with companies in the space, this is your chance!

Click here to discover the event and book your tickets.


Working groups update

#1 Blockchain Asset metadata standardization

The Blockchain Bean Asset POC has been uploaded on the BGA GitHub.

On a technical level, we base this proposal on several existing research works and standard proposals, e.g. DGoods and JSON Web Tokens. We also design new solutions to allow for asset queries from many sources, be it centralized servers, decentralized storage solutions or application-specific peer discovery. On top of the standard proposal, we design libraries used to implement and use it easily, to ensure better interoperability between blockchain projects.

We also integrate licensing to make it easier for developers and users to know what they can do with an asset, whether they created the asset, own a token representing it, or just downloaded the asset data.

#2 NEW – Blockchain Game Data Analytics Standardization

While easy-to-understand, it’s become apparent that the use of DAUs, daily volumes, and daily transactions as the basic metrics to measure the performance of blockchain games is lacking in many respects.

Hence a working group has been proposed to look at how/if this situation can be improved in order to come up with more meaningful metrics that balance clarity, accuracy, and transparency while also providing more depth.

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