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Last month the NEO Foundation with NEO Global Capital successfully held their 2nd annual NEO DevCon event featuring their roadmap and plans for the future. One of these key agendas included them focusing on the development of NEO into the video game space and so to pursue this area further they held the NEO Game Conference which just ended yesterday in Tokyo.

To highlight, so far there is only one product associated with video games that has been with NEO from the beginning and that product is called BlaCat. It is a NEO blockchain based full game platform and ecosystem built with the purpose of breaking down many of the initial barriers that indie game developers encounter entering into the industry and also to offer a stronger engagement experience for the users. One of the key note speakers at the event was the CEO of BlaCat, Mr.Sean Chen, in which he presented the overall key elements of BlaCat with emphasis on these two important objectives.

Mr.Chen first introduced the “Torch Plan” project, part of BlaCat’s GameLab services supporting game developers, particularly indie developers in building and creating blockchain game content and growing the community. There are many facets included in this project, such as granting developers the opportunity to apply for funding from $10,000 to $100,000, annual developer competitions, and full BlaCat training and assistance.

Next, to give users the chance in the development of BlaCat so to build a stronger connection with the whole ecosystem, Mr.Chen revealed the BlaCat “Partnership Plan.” Where every user who joins will have the capacity to be a promoter and manager of BlaCat which in turn will generate more user involvement and commitment to BlaCat’s community growth. Through the use of smart contracts this plan will offer one million Partner certificates and the individuals who hold these certificates will be given certain exclusive rights and privileges (ex. unique gift packages, discounted transaction fees, rebates, partner revenue…).

Be ready because BlaCat plans to launch their platform this month and including the testnet of their own proprietary blockchain, ZoroChain!

To find out more information about BlaCat, the “Partnership Plan” and the “Torch Plan” you can visit their

Site Blacat.Game & Twitter:

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  1. Sounds good. NEW as usuall keep going forward with steady pace. this is what i like in NEO. Despite their decrease in popularity as Public chain but always focus on quality product through streamlined and professional coding of the apps. Bravo

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