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Bitcoin Hodler — A Roadhouse for Hodlers Across the Blockchain Multiverse

HODLing as Rhythmic Gymnastics

As I walked up to the notary in order to receive the official certification for the registration of HODLer eV the assistant handed out to me the signed documents and sincerely wished good luck for our new sports club… Pretty shocked and amazed at the same time I told her about the real meaning of “HODL”, but quickly realized that I destroyed her notion of it being some kind of a fancy modern “rhythmic gymnastics”. I wished she knew how close to the truth she was back then.

Transforming the HODL-experience into an active, fun, competitive and exciting challenge actually is what we were aiming for from the beginning — to transfer the crypto world and all of its elements and emotions into a 2D-arcade-style tap-adventure for everyone who is waiting for the dips, a bull run, for the bus, for the doctor, daydreaming in class, at work or just for the entertainment of those sitting on the loo bowl with a free hand. It is supposed to be a cute, fun and easy to learn alternative to checking prices every minute and doing something “productive” instead.

The game evolved gradually and with it the number of functions and gameplay elements, which grew to a new game concept we aspire to outline in this article. A game concept that was trapped in its own boundaries as it turned out. Because suddenly Enjin popped up on our radar in the beginning of 2018 and a new missing dimension was added to the project — theMultiverse — a place where you will truly own your game assets, where characters can move between realms and hard-earned items and achievements can stay with you across multiple games.

A Roadhouse for Multiverse Travelers

Now we were able to push the boundaries of the entire game concept. It was exciting to think about characters upgrading in Bitcoin Hodler and being used in other games — or characters from the other realms coming by to hodl through and discover the crypto world for a while before moving on to the next battle, race or adventure — Just like having a stop in a roadhouse or in the Mos Eisley Cantina where you’ll meet unexpected characters from yet unknown corners of the multiverse.

We are excited to be part of this revolutionary ecosystem and to explore the opportunities given by this new paradigm with Enjin and the other projects. Suddenly a totally new layer is added to the fun part of the Bitcoin Hodler. You will be able to playfully explore the mind-boggling, yet-too-early-to-fully-grasp opportunities provided by the blockchain and the toolsets of the Enjin platform, which already are disrupting the gaming world.

Now in this post we would like to take you on a quick tour and talk about some of the core gameplay elements of Bitcoin Hodler.

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As mentioned above, it is an easy to learn, tough to master, 2D arcade-style adventure with tap-control. So all you need is basically just one finger, a sense of agility and of course a good endurance to hodl through some tricky cycles and crack the highscores of the community while reaching new All Time Highs. Just select your favorite hodler, a set of skills, your special items, set the portion of your in-game funds which you are willing to stake and then press “play” to get started.

Improve your skills by mastering different cycles and challenges, prepare your favourite characters to compete with other hodlers from across the multiverse.


Master the Cycles, chase the All Time Highs (ATH) and become the best hodler of the community!

By tapping the screen once, you start the game. From here, your main mission will be staying away from bad investments, shit coins, red bars, FUD-clouds and mean attacks on your funds as long as possible and scoring new ATHs before you crash. To do so, you’ll need to increase your in-game currency balance -called “BITS”. You can affect it with every tap (=”HODL”) and also by collecting coins and tokens along your way, which will change your balance by the value of the collected coins’ 24h-%-change based on live market data. You will only be able to interact with coins and tokens that you have already discovered along your journey. You better look for those with a green glow, indicating a positive change in value. The longer you stay in the green, the more likely you might enter the moon mode, where the huge gains are made.

You can also check out your coin collection in your characters’ portfolio where you’ll also be able to track background info and further live market data of your discovered coins. Might be a good strategy to check those before you start hodling in order to set-up your skillset according to the daily price action.

Another indicator for your hodling quality will be the number of cycles you are able to hodl without crashing. With every cycle the difficulty increases but simultaneously your skillset evolves.


Along your journey, you might want to lock in some profits and CASH-OUT those gains to your Bit-WALLET during a bull market. There are several reasons to do that from time to time in order to maintain a balanced risk-to-reward-ratio. First of all you would want to save some funds as you can choose the amount of Bits you want to stake along every hodling round. For example, you hoard some Bits every now and then just to stake them all on a green crypto day to increase chances for a new ATH. Of course you need to find the balance between the highest possible reward and the risk losing all of your funds in case you went all-in. The same rules apply here: Just “invest” what you can afford to lose. You could for instance rather use those Bits to improve your skillset or to add some spacecrafts with larger fuel tanks in order to skyrocket even longer.

Skillsets, Power-Ups and Blockchain Assets

Every hodler has different dynamics and some of them even have an alternative control. In addition to that, every hodler has a unique skillset enabling the manipulation of time, space and sometimes even markets. Every skill can be triggered once in a hodl round. Due to a limited number of gear you can carry, you will need to find the perfect combination of skills to work your way through the cycles.

Enjin backed blockchain assets will be the characters, spacecrafts and super items. Each character will have a limited number of super items enabling an unlimited access to one of its specific skills. Let’s take Multiverse Mike for instance:

Mike was tired of being bullied by R’aenea and made his way across the Multiverse straight to the cryptoworld to have a little break and to build a fortune. He didn’t come alone though..With his transition into the crypto universe simultaneously and out of the hands of a falling warrior the Enjin multiverse items “ForgeHammer” and “Epochrome Sword” could also sneak through the multiverse portal. The bad thing about this specific portals was the missing panel where you can enter exact coordinates. So all items are distributed all over the place and need to be reattached to Mike to unfold his true powers. Mikes’ special items are the transformations of ForgeHammer and Epochrome Sword -”The Beast Hammer” and “Sir-CutTheLoss”. These two items are pretty rare and enable Mike to unlimitedly access two of his abilities “Beast-Switch” and “StopLoss”. With Beast-Switch he will be able to profit from bull and bear markets equally and to short dumping coins instantly when they pop up. Sir-CutTheLoss enables him to reset his Stop-Loss and saves his funds during a market crash.

There are items exclusively available for characters and character classes. More about classes, class-specific and character-related skillsets and items will follow in later posts as this article aimed to provide a brief overview.

Bitcoin Hodler will be available for Android later this year and soon after also for iOS. It will be free2play and without any pay2win mechanics as we strive for equal chances — especially as we are aiming for PvP modes in future releases with the vision to attend battles with your gradually advanced characters, their super items and skill levels.

Stay tuned for the next characters, items and more details about the structure and a roadmap of the blockchain assets and how they function in Bitcoin Hodler. Also watch out for MultiverseMondays, as there will be a bunch of multiverse items yet to be introduced by Enjin and implemented into Bitcoin Hodler.

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