Big Video Game Developers, Different Blockchain Paths

In the past few years many industries have been hopping onto the blockchain technology train and trying to find the best ways to apply it their productions needs. While the video gaming world has already seemed to have found some useful applications with the blockchain platform. Two prime examples of this are the different paths that well known video game industry giants, Ubisoft and Atari are taking.

Blockchain tech is the basis of all cryptocurrencies and this is the aspect Atari is focusing on. They plan on developing their own in game currency called “Atari Tokens” teaming up with Infinity Networks, Ltd  and Pariplay, Ltd. One thing though, they are not ahead of the game on this one as other companies have already supported the development of in-game cryptocurrencies such as Gamecredits and Triforce tokens who help provide ICO’s for companies in the gaming space and some of which can already be found in cryptocurrency exchange markets. In the future a problem that can arise is if all game developers start creating their own in-game money and they got lost in the sea of gaming cryptocurrencies. Then will the gaming brand name matter that time?

On another spectrum, Ubisoft is concentrating more on how to utilize the unique blockchain property of creating, smart contracts and one-of-a-kind digital assets into their game development pipelines. By creating DApp, a decentralized application this will allow their gamer’s to solely own exclusive virtual game assets and also total freedom to do what they want with them. An amazing feature could be if they could create a Ubisoft universe where their games are integrated and there could be cross platform exchanges. Imagine having your Assassin’s Creed character join in a fight in Far Cry or vice versa. This is just the beginning and once more large gaming companies jump in and the full integration of VR in games happens who know’s what can be achievable with blockchain technology.

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