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Bcnex is a full-service ecosystem for the purchase, exchange and trading of blockchain based tokens and a wide range of digital assets. It is a customer-centric, highly secure and stable trading platform built on microservices architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements.

Bcnex recently launched and attracted the attention of cryptocurrency investors to a trading platform “made in Vietnam”. However, many people do not know that Bcnex is not simply a cryptocurrency exchange platform but targets to a bigger role. That is to create a completed ecosystem on the internet. Let’s take a closer look at Bcnex ecosystem to find found what it is and the practical values that the Bcnex founders want to create for the comunnity.

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The benefits that Bcnex ecosystem will provide:

For the community

Investors can feel secure when joinning Bcnex since this is an innovative product by 100% Vietnamese team with the ambition to make the Vietnamese technology market become competitive with the world. And since the Bcnex developers are Vietnamese, they can understand the difficulties of domestic investors to overcome the weaknesses of foreign exchange platforms and create a user-friendly ecosystem.

· Bcnex has 24/7 customer service and support Vietnamese language in addition to other languages.

· Bcnex uses the highest security standards in managing cryptocurrency wallets.

· All technical issues are commited to be solved promptly

· All of project information that Bcnex supports ensures transparency. Bcnex will carefully select only the positive projects that are helpful to the society.

For businesses

· Through the release of ICO on the Bcnex platform, the blockchain technology based startups will be able to fully focus on the project development without worrying about the project verification process as well as the cost of fundraising implementation like when they participate in other trading platforms.

· Oppurtunity to access various investment funds not only in the country but also all over the world because is an international exchange platfrom that was registered in Singapore.

· ICO registration on Bcnex is simple, easy and cost-minimized.

· Especially, for the cryptonote blockchain related projects, Bcnex will directly review and support investment fund.

For the government

· Through Bcnex trading platform, the government will be able to manage all of fundraising issues of businesses as well as investment activities of individuals. From that, they can calculate and collect taxes through trading platfrom.

· Bcnex is an international trading platfrom with many foreign investors that deposit different kind of currencies. Therefore, the government can receive more foreign currencies that is beneficial to the economy.

Bcnex still has a long way to go but we will always try our best to bring the best value to the investors, the businesses and the whole societly.

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