Attention New Cryptobot Players! #FlashSale & Beginners Guide #1

What’s up Blockchaingamers! @OffTheBlockchain here with another exclusive article geared towards potential new players of Cryptobots. In order to reward new players coming from this article i am posting 8 Bots that are all set to increase in price .The starting price is way above market value and the ending price is a fair market price for the rarity of these Cryptobots.The previous sale was a huge success and those of you lucky to get some of those bots were able to win battles and now have bots that are scarce in population.

To participate in this sale just load up your meta mask extension with some ETH (Downloaded through Chrome or Firefox Store , also has a CoinBase Widget for purchasing ETH with your respective currency i.e.USD/EUR/AUD) with some ETH and head to my Cryptobots account here:



A blockchain-based game for find out whose bot army is the best!

———————————————————————-Assuming you have already created your account and linked your meta mask account with your Cryptobots account here are some tips!

-Set the filter to “For Sale”

-Set generation range to 0-20

-Do not touch manufacture speed (so you can see all)

-Make sure you are using the suggested gas using a gas tracker of your choice, I use etherscan :

-Its good to note that during different times of day will determine the safest gas price, for example during an Initial Coin Offering supporting ETH, the network may be congested. So either wait until the gas goes lower or if you are like me and do not want to wait to see your new Bot you can always stick to the Safe Gas Price

-After you have your Shiny New Bot , there are a couple of different Options you can do and it all depends on what type of player you are so you need to decide,

  1. Collector (Interested In Collecting The Rarest Modules)

  2. Battler (Interested in Dominating the Battle Scene)

  3. Day Trader (Buying Low , Selling High for Profits)

  4. Breeder (Interested in Breeding Fancies/BattleBots/Collector Bots)

-Once this is determined (I suggest trying a bit of everything to start and find what fits your play style and budget) you can reach out to a member of the community or a member of my Team for information on learning more at least until I release dedicated guides on each role.

*Please Note*

Official Team Announcement will be released soon with a list of Members

-Please refer to the sites social media links to direct you to the appropriate channel and do not be shy to reach out to the community! Happy Battling

Credit for the Fan Art Goes To Ashe , If Interested in supporting his Graphic Art Ventures Check Out His Bots here :

Other Bot Accounts with Rare and Fair market Value for more options:


A blockchain-based game for find out whose bot army is the best!

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