Analysis of DappRound rules





Each stage is lasts for 12 hours and has a ETH target. The ETH target of the first stage is 8 ETH, of the second stage is 8* (1+5%) = 8.4 ETH, and so on. The ETH target of the next stage is the previous + 5%.

When the ETH target was met in 12 hours, it will move to the next stage, timer resetting . And If the ETH target is not met within 12 hours (the winning stage), the game ends and moves onto the next round where everything restarts.

The whole process is infinite and never stop.

Maybe you still can’t get it. But it’s alright, let’s talk about how to get the benefits.

The official definition of the dividend is that 75% of the ETH investments will be returned to the player proportionally, 22% will flow into the bonus pool and 3% will be the research team commission.

For example, if you invest 1ETH in stage one, you will get 8*0.75*(1/8) = 0.75 ETH, with 0.22ETH in the bonus pool and 0.03ETH for the research team. If you don’t invest in stage two, you can get 8*1.05*0.75*(1/(8+8*1.05)) = 0.384 ETH .That is to say, this is carried out in proportion according to the round rather than the stage, so the earlier the entrants, the higher the dividends. So if you put in 1ETH in stage one, you’re going to be profitable in stage two. However, if you don’t invest ETH any more, your proportion are going to be diluted because of the continuously stages.

Except the benefit from dividends, there are two lucky players in the winning stage — the first and the last player to invest ETH, which can be the same person. 

30 % of the bonus pool goes to the next round, and half of the remaining is the jackpot for lucky players. The two person share the jackpot equally. And the other half is allocated proportionally to the players in the winning stage, including the lucky players. So the lucky player will be the biggest beneficiary in the game.

According to the rules, there are two kinds of people can benefit from this game —— the early entrants, and the players in the winning stage ,especially the lucky players.










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