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AN EXCLUSIVE FIRST IN JAPAN! Mysterious, cute animals called “Cryptons” have appeared on the Ethereum Blockchain!

June 18th, 2018. Good Luck 3, Inc. (HQ: Fukuoka, Japan, CEO: Kazuhisa Inoue) in join development with Ceres (HQ: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Satoshi Toki) have announced the official release of the blockchain game, “Crypt-Oinks”!

“Crypt-Oink” has been released for Web browsers and Android

After conducting a successful beta test since the end of May, we’ve been able to confirm functionality and maintain a stable environment that many users have been able to enjoy and thus have officially released on Android and Web platforms.

Android Version

For those with Android phones, it is possible to download and play Crypt-Oink from the GooglePlay Store.

*Compatible with Android phones versions 5.1.1 and up

▼ Download the Android version from here:


◆WEB Version

It is possible to access the Crypto-Oink site from your PC or Mobile web-browser for those who do not have a Android phone.

PC: Please utilize a browser with a plug-in allowing the utilization of a crypto-wallet that holds Ethereum. We have confirmed that Crypt-Oink is playable with the MetaMask plugin for the Chrome browser. Upon obtaining the plugin from MetaMask’s official site, please proceed to create your own wallet.

Mobile: Upon installing a wallet-attached browser, its is possible to play the web-based version of Crypt-Oink. We have confirmed that the Trust and Toshi apps are compatible to play Crypt-Oink.

For more details regarding the Web version, please see below

A manga explaining how to become Crypton owner has been released: 


What are “Cryptons”??

Cryptons are mysterious creatures that reside on the Ethereum Blockchain

There’s no distinction between male and female, but there’s tons of differentiation in color and pattern. Roughly 3.6 quadrillion types of Cryptons appear within the game!


◆Breed Cryptons and create new breeds!

Within the infinite number of Crypton find the “piggie” of your liking and become its “owner”.

With the “Breed” function, Cryptons in your possession can be mixed and matched together. Breeding may result in a new breed and new features. Breeding with friends is also possible!

There’s tons of fun to be had in seeing what varieties can be created through the Breeding function and by unexpected arrangements and at unforeseen times, you may even come across unknown and rare Crypton

◆Trade Cryptons via cryptocurrency

The largest feature of Crypt-Oink is the “Marketplace”. In the Marketplace, Users from around the world rush to view the many Cryptons on display.

Utilizing the cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Users are able to trade for Cryptons.


A “Crypt-Oink” game Introduction video has been released!

※What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a type of digital cryptocurrency that automatically stores and secures information regarding business transactions by use of what is called a “Smart Contract“.


“Crypt-Oink” Service Overview

・Title: Crypt-Oink

・Genre: Mysterious Animal Simulation

・Platforms: Android(versions 5.1.1 and up)

・Release Date: Released


Company Information

Company Information:

Name: Ceres


Founded: January 2005

Location: Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, Japan.

Business: Smart Phone Media



Company Information:

Name: Good Luck 3, Inc.


Founded: February 2013

Employees: 57

Location: Tenjin City, Fukuoka, Japan

Business: Design, development, and operations of Blockchain Products and Services; Smartphone game design and development; Drama and Film production.

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