Amber Game, Ignite Gems and Reap Rewards on the Ethereum Blockchain

September 7, 2018 — AGames releases the Amber Game for the Ethereum Blockchain. This is a low-risk, high-reward hot-potato style game allowing players to purchase crypto gems that yield Ethereum dividends, for as long as the player hodls them.

GameplayPlayers raise their torches and descend into the cave in search of mysterious gems. Deep in the cave there is a chain of connected gems, each more powerful than the other, leading all the way down to the most powerful stone — the legendary Amber.

Ignite the gems to claim their power.

To reap ETH dividends from a gem, a player must gain control by ‘igniting’ (purchasing) it. Once ignited their gem(s) receive ETH from gems higher in the chain. Gems grow inside the cave and are bound to it. Nevertheless, as long as a gem is ignited, only the owner can feed upon its power.

All of these gems are connected, each one more powerful than the last, and the chain is growing perpetually.
Players are given a waypoint link they can share to receive extra energy from those they have lured into the darkness.
Each gem can only form one bond at a time.

If another ignites someone’s gem, the ownership shifts to the new player. The previous owner receives a last payment of at least as high as or more than their original purchase price. They will no longer be able to collect dividends from this gem.

Features of The Amber Game– Dividends go from the top of the chain to the bottom.- A 0.025 ETH buy-in is always possible.- Players can buy in at any point in the chain at any time.

SecurityAmber Game is secured by the Ethereum Blockchain, and a MetaMask account is required to play the game. In the interest of transparency, the smart contract is open source for all to see.

Ready to play? Click here to enter the darkness:Website: Discord:

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