LoveLove pivots product line, announces the launch of Outplay Games

Blockchain gaming outfit announces it’s pivot to Outplay Games. This entails a rebranding of the brand to Outplay Games as well as a complete overhaul of the product and services it is developing. This pivot is taking Outplay Games to an entirely different direction from its last year’s offering of NFT centric tool sets.

“Last year we have dabbled into building tools that focuses mostly on NFT’s and interoperable game assets on the blockchain. While we believe that this is going to challenge the status quo of how games are made in the future, this year we want to take a different approach to games and how we can help in crypto’s use cases and adoption via game tournaments and crypto payouts. This led us to pivot to Outplay Games to better serve an existing segment of the gaming market, the competitive casual and hyper casual genre” – Chase Freo, CEO of Outplay Games

The core of Outplay Games’ offering is an SDK and API that developers can easily integrate into their games so that they can host tournaments, allowing players to play against each other PvP style or join various pooled tournaments with a crypto reward component for the winners distributed via smart contracts. It’s currently running on Ethereum but will eventually add a few other layers such as Near Protocol among others. Along with this is a platform that will eventually house all Outplay integrated games.

Outplay Games is kicking off its launch with a beta of an HTML5 version of the game World of Mines, a classic throwback PC puzzle game with a world map twist and addictive game play. In partnership with Coogo Inc. the creator of the game, Outplay Games will eventually be able to bring this classic game with highly competitive tournament experience for everyone to enjoy.


About Outplay Games

Outplay Games is a turnkey solution that lets game developers conveniently add a competitive layer into their games. Enabling them to transform games such as a single player game of skills into a multiplayer tournament challenge participated on by many.

Outplay Games designed a tournament system that not only allow players to play and compete against each other but also facilitate a fair crypto payout process to anyone who is able to outplay their competition.




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