All-New Crypto-Powered Game – CryptantCrab – Out to Make a Mark

The progressive virtual crab collection and battle game will pair up a traditional past-time with the modern trappings of the digital era

Singapore, August 17 2018 – In the ever-evolving age of immersive digital games, disruptive technologies, and next-gen innovations, one thing never changes – many are still finding ways to gamify experiences. That is what iCandy Interactive is planning to do with its newest crypto-based Web game. Called CryptantCrab, it twists the concept of raising pets with brand-new user capabilities. In this case, it is all about nurturing crabs on the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptantCrab, the first of many crypto-games in iCandy’s development pipeline, is a direct spin-off from the award-winning mobile-based Crab War. Unlike the original, which is a mobile game that Appxplore developed, it focuses on the more unique aspects of raring virtual crabs. Akin the traditional hobby of raising Betta Fish, these digital crustaceans will sport special markings and distinctive parts that are exclusively theirs. Even the fighting element, a close tie-in with the Betta Fish hobby, will be incorporated into this crypto game.

As the crabs are all unique, it is critical that their rarity is maintained. This is where blockchain comes into play. Since CryptantCrab runs on Ethereum, each virtual crab will be tagged with a digital token. This is one of the critical driving factors to operate on this next-gen digital ledger.

Having tokenized assets will allow CryptantCrab to leverage on the benefits of blockchain. While there are plenty of advantages, iCandy Interactive is only concerned with three.

First, the game has a battle aspect that enables the crabs to improve their stats. This is also applicable to the mutations and experience gain they earn. These gameplay elements, among others, will affect their overall market value. Of course, winning streaks and general market forces have some level of influence as well. Since they run on digital tokens that allow them to be tracked and managed on the blockchain, the crabs are truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated.

Second, the blockchain ensures there are no cheats who attempt to gain added advantages in fights. This is data protection related, something most malicious actors are constantly targeting.

Third, and most important, is to reinforce the fact that each virtual crab is under direct ownership of the player. This is how CryptantCrab ensures the crabs are personal and made-just-for-them.

As the team works towards launch day, there will be a pre-sales event kicking off soon. Limited-time offers and unique crab designs will be up for grabs during this period. Those keen on playing CryptantCrab and want regular updates about the game can pre-register on the game’s webportal or follow the Facebook page. As for the pre-sale, more information will be up in the coming weeks.


About CryptantCrab

CryptantCrab, which is a direct spin-off from the award-winning Crab War mobile game, is a web-based game that is powered by blockchain technology. Running on the Ethereum platform, this collection-style game enables and encourages players to start and grow their own collection of virtual crabs. Inspired by the popular Betta Fish collection and fighting culture, these crabs – with their unique and distinct attributes – will do battle in a PVP format and continue to evolve through various mutations. For more information, please visit

About iCandy Interactive
iCandy Interactive Ltd (“iCandy) is an Australian incorporated public company that has its core business in the development and publishing of smartphone games on popular smartphone OS. iCandy runs multiple subsidiary games studios in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, including the famed award-winning games studios Appxplore. iCandy is one of the leading mobile games companies in Southeast Asia with more than 350 million copies of its games titles downloaded onto smartphones. It focusses on the genre of ‘mid-core’ action-influenced puzzle games.


Most iCandy’s game titles have been featured by either the Apple iOS Appstore and Google Android Play. Its recent titles, such as Light A Way and Crab War, have been named as recommended Best New Games globally. For more info, visit

About Appxplore (iCandy) Limited
Appxplore (iCandy) Limited (“Appxplore”) is one of Southeast Asia’s leading mobile game development studios. It’s armed with highly-skilled talents who can provide original, premium-quality smartphone games. To-date, Appxplore is one of a rare handful of games studios that have generated more than 25 million downloads for successive series of smartphone games that are published globally. Appxplore’s team comprises a stellar combination of artists and developers, backed by an experienced management team. Appxlore is a subsidiary studio of iCandy Interactive Limited.

Stay connected with Appxplore on: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Youtube

CryptantCrab Quick Facts

Why make a crypto game?

  • Crypto-currency and its underlying platform – blockchain – are innovations that can be applied to various industries, more so for video games. The active monitoring and progressive security capabilities that blockchain offers will enable CryptantCrab to enhance the traditional collectible process. This includes securing covers all user data, game assets, and gameplay processes.
  • Incorporating this progressive platform next-gen innovation will introduce new possibilities that can improve the overall gameplay user experience. The goal here is to create a new crypto game that is both insightful and unique, while still offering easy access to all.

How does CrytantCrab work?

  • Players will create new virtual crabs, which are tokenized, and rear them like pets. They can grow and improve their stats when users mutate the crab’s parts. These changes not only enhance the stats for the crabs, it also alters their appearances. The last one is, aptly, called mutations. These gameplay aspects personalize the crab ownership and make them more worthwhile to own.
  • Besides caring for them and raising their stats, there will be a battling feature that have crabs fighting. These battles will award experience points that improve the crabs’ fighting abilities and contribute to the mutation. While fights are not compulsory, each match improves the potential of a crab and, in turn, its strength.
  • As users wholly own the virtual crabs, they can be used in other gameplay modes that CryptantCrab will introduce later. Being tokenized, they will also gain multipurpose uses and can be sold outright. Just like regular assets. Similarly, the overall market value will be pre-determined through several factors. This includes the natural characteristics of the crab when they hatch and overall rarity. Above all, what the crab experiences, such as fights, mutations, and daily encounters, will dramatically impact the crab’s value.
  • The battle feature for CryptantCrab is critical as it provides immediate accessibility for all players to get into casual esports. Beyond player-vs-player, elimination rounds and championships can also be setup to allow for competitive play.

What makes CryptantCrab different?

Other crypto games are first-time attempts into the video games space, with most focusing only on collectibles. CryptantCrab breaks away from this trend. First, it will have a Native Ecosystem where adversarial elements are incorporated into the crabs. This will enhance their fighting capabilities.

Second, the stats of the virtual crabs, which can be altered based on fighting experience and mutations, are locked in. That means nobody, not even the developers, can tamper with the data.

Third, and most important, CryptantCrab is the spiritual successor to Crab War. The extensive experience both iCandy and AppXplore have, as crypto-currency innovator and game developer respectively, promises a platform that goes beyond crypto gaming.

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