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Age Of Dragons


The power of decentralization of blockchain, combined with smart contracts mechanism, will generate tremendous impetus to enable dramatic improvements in allocation and efficiency of social resources in the near future. In this booming wave, based on the huge potential that blockchain can bring to game creation, it’s possible to create completely different games than ever before. A true gaming world community that gives users a whole new experience. This is the happiness and mission of game designers.

The vision of GameGene Foundation is to create a new blockchain game platform based on the team’s more than 15 years of experience in development and operation of high-quality original game products, global network of partners, deep understanding of blockchain philosophy and accumulation of game developing skills.

Our goal is to change the profit-driven game design mechanism, to provide innovative and revolutionary experience that traditional game design can not achieve, bring back the basic value of game play – for fun.

Age of Dragons is our first game about to launch, which is a large-scale theme game world. it’s an unprecedented, self-developed, only experienced, non-repetitive and never-ending game world. Our goal is to become the first million-user-level blockchain game product to be the ecological foundation of the GameGene blockchain gaming platform.


With openness and limitless possibilities, the game brings completely new and unprecedented virtual community experiences to players. The game development process will divided into four stages, and will present to players one by one.

Dragons are key elements through all stages of the world’s development. Each stage of development in the world is the infrastructure of the next stage, and when one stage of development reaches a certain degree of maturity, the world will move on to the next stage.

The fourth stage will be the final stage, and the game world will build its own infrastructure, evolving platform capabilities. Game play and contents will be created by users and developers. Everyone could receive the experience or returns of what they want to, and finally, the world formed to its own ecological system, evolving and developing with non-stop.




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The mission of the GameGene Foundation is to develop an open ecosystem of Internet services that allows world participants to easily explore and discover value while also providing developers with an open and sustainable platform to develop, deliver and enhance these services Attract users. To accomplish its mission, the GameGene Foundation will devote resources to three specific goals related to research, development and management.

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