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Whats up DGamers! @OffTheBlockchain here with an exclusive promotion. I am looking for a dedicated player or perhaps new player interested in the Dgame BlockchainCuties . This is a Unique Cutie and is the only one of its kind in the Dgame currently . I am currently taking offers as well as a description on why you deserve to own this cutie. The winner will be determined by me and will not be based on the amount offered. This means if your reason is the best then regardless your offer I will accept that as the adoption fee! Please comment at the bottom of this page your Adoption Fee Offer as well as why you deserve it and I will contact the winner. Thank you to all whom participate and are interested in adopting this one of a kind cutie! 

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A little bit of history before i decided to dabble into the crypto industry and pursue a career in the blockchain sector. As a die hard video game fan since the days of sonic the hedgehog on sega genesis , I now have the opportunity to use my gaming expertise and help guide new gamers jumping into the Dapp scene!

Here is my Bio:

Robert Eckert is a Crypto Consultant that has chosen to dedicate His Life To Helping People of all age groups adapt to using Blockchain technology . After graduating high school with honours in 2011 he got his Major In Accounting at Atlantic Business College in East Coast Canada .  but chose to pursue a career in Sales. This lead to a career in Health Insurance which he holds a license currently for . After being introduced to the world of Blockchain decided to create a consulting Firm making him a 25 year Old Aspiring Entrepeneur and Owner of OffTheBlockChain Consulting . He specializes in targeting specific client needs and providing portals to goods and services related to the clients wants and needs.

Thank You all for the support and keep up the awesome work helping to grow this awesome community of blockchain gamers!
Don't forget to let me know what type of content you want to see for the games you play on the blockchain!


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