A New Way of Monetizing NFTs: Sale of CryptoMotors’ Luxury Cars in NeoWorld

Not everyone has bought his dream car yet. And probably never. Not to mention a beauty like this.

The above was a conceptual car designed by CryptoMotors, a professional car design studio based in Germany. Last month, 22 of it was sold over an auction, for approximately US$200 each, in NeoWorld the virtual world.

Players who successfully bid the CryptoMotor Sports Coupe draw the attention of thousands of virtual residents in NeoWorld, as they paraded in the racing track.

Making virtual reality real, the COO Kane of NeoWorld claimed in a global gaming conference held in Minsk early this year. The team of 20 from Asia is building a whole new virtual world, with currencies powered by blockchain, a democratic electoral system, and a robust economy. The one-year-old virtual world attracted 61,000 residents from 68 countries, making it a small nation.

Limited edition luxury car like CryptoMotors’ Sports Coupe are popular in the virtual world. These cars are not only functional in-game items but also have a collectible feature, as items are tradable in the NeoWorld. In addition, CryptoMotors’ blockchain technology allowed the designer company to share 10% of the earnings from every Sport Coupé sold in NeoWorld with all the owners who have invested in tokens representing this model.

NeoWorld aims to support more third party contents now and in June it launched a User-Generated Content platform to automate the content uploading process for players. Players, whether individual designers or professional studios, are able to upload indigenous contents to use, sell or trade in the markets of the virtual world. NeoWorld highlighted that collaboration with crypto content projects like games is a priority, as the communities of these projects are more receptive of the decentralized, self-governed economy in the NeoWorld. 

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Written by Melvin Wilson

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