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9Lives Arena: Coming soon to Kickstarter

One of the legendary lost Atlantean Mage sets

We are ecstatic to announce our upcoming 9Lives Arena Kickstarter campaign. To celebrate, we will be revealing the exciting details of this event each week until campaign launch.

When: The Kickstarter will begin on the 12th of September 2018.

Why: As an ambitious independent studio, the funds we raise will help us develop more content and deliver extra features in a shorter time frame. Ideally, we will also be able to hire additional team members and grow the studio prior to initial release.

Furthermore, Kickstarter will allow us to connect with our core target audience and invite players throughout different Alpha stages of the game. This will enable us to not only balance the game with the community and directly react to popular feature requests, but also scale the backend with the growing audience.

What’s in it for you?

  • Discounted Digital copies of the game
  • Early Alpha access at different stages of production
  • Exclusive items available only to Kickstarter backers
  • Exclusive Ooogies (to be revealed next week)
  • The chance to leave your mark on gaming history
  • Personal Time with the Touchhour Team
  • More to be revealed in the next three weeks

What can we tell you now?

This week, we’re happy to share that all of our Kickstarter in-game rewards are minted out of Enjin Coin (ENJ) and effectively provide you true item ownership! All items offered during our crowdfunding campaign are either unique, very rare, limited edition, or special discounts — and all are made especially for our early supporters.

Here is the first reward reveal! Stay tuned, as we will announce further details regarding rewards over the next month.

The Demon Skull belt:

9Lives Arena belts are very special. They do not contain stats, but unlike any other equipment, belts are non craft-able .

This means that over time, less and less of a certain belt will exist, because on a character’s final death, their belt will be lost.

So why risk losing your belt by wearing it outside of training and friendly duelling? Well, the answer is simple: upon a character’s final death, they will turn to stone and become a statue/trophy that the player can display in their Arena or trade with other players. So, if you want a rare trophy/statue, wear a rare belt. Additionally, only a player’s top three heroes will turn to stone/trophies.

Who will have the highest record on their statue wearing the Demon Skull Belt?

You can check out the belt in-game here:


One of the 4 lost sets of the ancient Atlantean Mages:

Only those that pledge for the tiers that offer this will ever be able to craft and trade these items.

This set is available only to Kickstarter backers and will be available in purple and green.

These item blueprints will work accross PC, Xbox and Playstation as well as on the mobile companion App!

Stay tuned for next weeks reveal and don’t forget to join our community on telegram:

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